Sander Van Damme

A very serieus webdeveloper


Born and raised in Belgium, I, Angry Moustache (Sander Van Damme for the friends), have been developing websites with a passion since 2011. I started learning how to develop websites at VISO and I am now in my final year New Media Development at Arteveldehogeschool Mariakerke.

I love developing websites, both front- and back-end, and will not shy away from learning new languages/frameworks.



Very well versed in Javascript, a lot of experience with VueJS and not afraid to tackle new frameworks.


Big fan of PhP, I have a lot of experience and have created my own framework Lube in my spare time.


Messing around with CSS3 and Sass is fun, creating animations and trying to optimize the code is something I really enjoy.


I used alot of SQL/PSQL/Oracle during my internship at ISB. I worked every day with these languages and picked up a lot of experience.


I have been using Adobe products for a long time and I'm very experienced in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere and After Effects.


2011 - VISO Mariakerke

Here I learned the basics of webdevelopment and an extensive course of the Adobe programs.

2014 - Artveldehogeschool Mariakerke

This expanded on the lessons in VISO, with a lot more focus on webdevelopment and user experience.

2016 - Open Summer of Code 2016

Summerjob where I worked on the backend of a Foursquare-type app, here I learned a lot about Laravel.

2018 - Internship Info Service Belgium

I ran my internship at ISB, where I worked on a survey system, powered by Oracle and PSQL.